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St. Paul, MN – Spinning Babies® Workshop w/ Gail – Sep 23-24, 2023

September 23 @ 09:00 - September 24 @ 18:00

Spinning Babies® and Resolving Shoulder Dystocia Workshop

Spinning Babies® and Resolving Shoulder Dystocia Workshop

Join Gail Tully, creator of Spinning Babies®️, as she introduces the paradigm-shifting approach with world wide relevance in maternity practice. The second day workshop builds on Spinning Babies® Pelvic Levels SolutionsSM

How can we help create easier births? What about babies whose positions might complicate their journey? How do we quickly resolve a shoulder dystocia without injury.

Fetal positions are clues to the body’s need which once met can then allow the birth to flow. This approach, then, ease birth for all baby positions. Spinning Babies®️ is the fastest rising approach to meet the cesarean crisis. Physiology Before Force(SM) means we recognize medical interventions may be necessary but only after body-based techniques are tried.

After this workshop you will be able to:

  • Facilitate comfort in pregnancy and ease in childbirth
  • Identify needs and apply techniques to reduce long labors or cesareans
  • Understand posterior labor, labor dystocia and labor pain
  • Resolve labor stalls with Spinning Babies®️ Three Levels Solutions℠

Who may attend: We welcome all professionals who serve people in their pregnancy and birth.  Ideal for: midwives, nurses, nurse practitioners, family practice doctors, doulas and childbirth educators. Also attended by obstetricians, prenatal yoga instructors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, perinatal case managers, and community health workers. It is recommended for people new to Spinning Babies®️, as well as those reading the website for years.

Continuing Education: Maternity House Publishing, Inc. (dba Spinning Babies®) is accredited as a provider of Nursing Continuing Professional Development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC). This activity has been awarded 13 contact hours through ANCC.

The American Academy of Family Physicians has granted Spinning Babies® Workshop 13.0 Contact hours of Elective Continuing Medical Education credits for the One-day workshop.

Many doula and childbirth education organizations accept these contact hours; check your organization’s policies. Continuing professional education credits may not be available for this workshop.

Hosted by: Dr. Danielle Finden, DC, Active Health Chiropractic, dr.finden@gmail.com

Photographs: There might be an opportunity to have your photographic or video image and sound used by Spinning Babies® for educational or promotional purposes.  Your permission will be asked again in this workshop as well as in registration to use (good) photographs from the workshop. We will ask for a group photo. You may decline the invitation or join in, as you wish.

Help Us Have:  We aspire for a massage table for every 4 participants. If you have a massage table please tell your Staff Organizer and bring it to set up 15 minutes before class or set it up during the lunch break. No need to ask.

Please help our class by bringing any of the following:

  • A Pillow, a yoga mat
  • A doll and pelvis so you can reenact situations of the baby in normal and dystocia situations
  • A massage table – please let the organizer know if you can bring one or two! Display your business card if you bring one.
  • Peanut ball, medium size and large size
  • IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE, no worries!

Details: We will take a 90-minute lunch break at 12:30.

Are You a Pregnant Model For Our Class?  If you are a participant in the final 4 weeks of pregnancy, you may be a model for some of our techniques. Another participant with an earlier gestation, but later than 1st trimester, may also volunteer. We seek someone with no risk factors for an inversion. More than one model can be invited to cover all demonstrations accordingly. Class participants, please respect our pregnant model’s privacy and don’t take or post photographs without achieving your own written permission by both the participant and Spinning Babies®️. We are always looking for promotional photos.

We may also or alternatively seek a pregnant volunteer from the community. We seek one model per class, ideally. A single, head down baby is best for this workshop but not limited. Please let our Organizer know if you can help.

One Equity Access seat is available for Black and Indigenous Birth Workers of Color. Please contact Gail@SpinningBabies.com to inquire about this seat.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds available for those who are attending births when they email the trainer before the beginning of the workshop, Gail@SpinningBabies.com. Notify Gail that missing for a birth is possible, then notify again if not coming. Refunds for other reasons are subject to administrative fee of $25 if within 10 days of the workshop. Sign up before you know your shift or if you’ll be at a birth because this generous refund policy has your back! Tell your colleagues.

Participants are responsible for their own travel, accommodations, and related expenses and Spinning Babies® is unable to refund these expenses.

About the Trainer: Gail Tully is a midwife (CPM) from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Author of Changing Birth on Earth: The Midwife and Nurse’s Guide to Using Physiology to Avoid Another Unnecessary Cesarean, creator of Belly Mapping® Method and Resolving Shoulder Dystocia. Penny Simkin and Ruth Ancheta’s Labor Progress Handbook features Belly Mapping® in Chapter 3. Anne Frye’s Holistic Midwifery, Vol 2, cites Gail on shoulder dystocia. Midwifery Today published Gail on Shoulder Dystocia; The basics; Belly Mapping; and Opening the Brim, Resolving Breech Obstruction. See SpinningBabies.com for more information on Gail Tully and Spinning Babies®. Gail explains what your hands know but the books didn’t tell you. How would Gail like to be remembered? Gail Tully is the first person in history to systemize and match techniques for the baby’s path through the pelvis. Gail’s Pelvic Levels Solutions is saving lives and reducing stress for head down babies, but particularly for babies who experience breech obstruction and shoulder dystocia.

Advanced Offerings: The Spinning Babies® Workshop is required before taking any further trainings, such as Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator Training or Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner Workshop.

See SpinningBabies.com for more information on Spinning Babies®.

Interested in bringing Spinning Babies® to your city?  Contact one of our Spinning Babies® Approved Trainers or read about hosting a Spinning Babies® Workshop.

Terms of Use: This workshop does not provide a certification in Spinning Babies® only a document of attendance. Participants will not be able to use the name Spinning Babies® to describe their services, such as offering Spinning Babies®, sessions, or saying “trained in Spinning Babies” after registering for or attending this workshop. Participants may use concepts and techniques introduced in the workshop in the participant’s practices. Further training is available for eligible participants which does lead towards a contractual relationship for listing or certification and use of Spinning Babies® brand and name.


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