Baby's Ease

Babies have a very important role in labor — your job is to dilate, while baby’s job is to rotate! Babies turn through the pelvis to be born. A Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator is the ideal person to show you and a birth partner body balancing techniques for more comfortable pregnancy and easier labor. The Spinning Babies® Parent Class will help you understand baby positions and labor positions that help birth be less painful and more empowering. Learn hands-on techniques to make room for baby. Find the Parent Educator to help guide you to a more confident birth.

Note: For expectant parents only.

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Daily Essentials
Daily Essentials can be practiced daily throughout pregnancy to help bring balance and comfort — and an easier, shorter birth.
Spinning Babies® Parent Class
Spinning Babies® Parent Class provides clear instructions on how to use Spinning Babies® for a more comfortable and confident pregnancy and labor.