After Baby Turns Head Down

Baby was breech or sideways and now baby is head down

What are Spinning Babies® tips to help baby stay head down? We suggest continuing daily stretches and rest positions to maintain and continue the body balancing achieved for baby to have turned head down.

Whether baby turned themselves, or a doctor (or midwife) turned the baby manually, continue to release tense or twisted muscles by continuing the recommendations for an easier childbirth in:

Should Doing a Forward-leaning Inversion Continue?

“Now that my baby is head down, should I keep going upside down in the Forward-leaning Inversion?”

It’s ok to skip the Forward-leaning Inversion (FLI) for a few days and during that time increase walking (with a nice flowing stride). Continue other daily activities and body balancing techniques recommended for general pregnancy comfort and birth preparation.

After three days, resume one Forward-leaning Inversion a day, including the day of labor, to help your connective tissues, your ligaments around the area of your cervix to have suppleness to respond to labor contractions with more ease.

Baby’s head will find more room and ease to tuck the chin and aim the crown of the head through a cervix that is responsive to the contractions.

The recommendations for any head down baby now apply. We don’t recommend our activities only for discomfort or for a breech presentation but for all pregnant people living in gravity.

See the list of recommendations in Flip a Breech and under techniques to find body balancing suggestions. Simply skip the “upside-down” positions except for FLI once a day and in labor.


Will Baby Turn Back to Breech?

Baby’s position is about space available. The body balancing activities have likely made more space by releasing the tight or twisted ligaments. As long as health allows, a daily Forward-leaning Inversion is recommended for 30-45 seconds in the way described on our FLI page. This repetition will help your body keep the balance you added recently.
Baby is more likely to stay head down if you keep the space available.
Sometimes a long car ride or sleeping in a twist will put baby back to breech because the tension or twist comes back as the muscle finds it’s old habit. Simply restore balance in your pelvis and whole body by repeating the Three Sisters of BalanceSM and the techniques with the word “Release” after them. Some people might need professional help, especially if professional help was needed the first time but try the self-care first as that is likely to work.
Daily Essentials
Daily Essentials can be practiced daily throughout pregnancy to help bring balance and comfort — and an easier, shorter birth.
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Spinning Babies® Parent Class provides clear instructions on how to use Spinning Babies® for a more comfortable and confident pregnancy and labor.

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