Gender Inclusive Language Policy

Spinning Babies® seeks to broaden our language and understanding to be inclusive of all birth experiences, while respecting the dignity of each individual. Rather than exclude, we seek to welcome everyone experiencing pregnancy and birth, and to inspire new thinking and enhance understanding within our community. We believe that pregnancy care should be accessible and inclusive to all parents, caregivers, and practitioners. 

Trans, nonbinary, and intersex people around the world plan for and experience pregnancy, while also experiencing a higher than average rate of cesarean births and complications. We know that respecting and affirming identities directly contributes to improved health access and outcomes. We are committed to making impactful changes to how we view and serve gender-expansive people, while still centering women in our work. 

Our commitment is seen in other aspects of our business in our core values: bringing people of all kinds together, inspiring trust in ourselves and each other, turning towards physiology first. We are gutsy enough to believe in growth and change due to our internal physiology, to welcome emergent change as our community physiology reveals a need.

For two decades, Spinning Babies® has served pregnant women and birth professionals, and has invested in people and partnerships that make us stronger. As an established organization in birth education we have a responsibility to not only recognize change, but make our own positive changes, and identify solutions to enable us to better serve underrepresented populations. 

We do this not only through inclusion, but also by creating policies and practices that contribute to societal and cultural progress, promoting tolerance and equity, while striving to eliminate discrimination, prejudice, and stigma. By adding more gender inclusive language and policies to our approach, we invite all to see themselves in the Spinning Babies® paradigm. 

We make a commitment to move beyond acceptance and promote diversity within our organization, resources, and communications. We recognize that this commitment to inclusion and equity brings with it a willingness to embrace, and even lead, change. Our efforts, resources, and commitments are investments in the health and wellbeing of our communities, and all of the people they serve.

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