Frequently Asked Questions

Brand Usage Questions

I have completed a Spinning Babies® program or training. What can I call myself?

A one-day training is an introduction to our approach and is not enough knowledge or skills to imply a participant is certified, skilled, or trained in Spinning Babies®. Therefore, we take references to people saying they teach Spinning Babies® very seriously.

Please say you have attended a Spinning Babies® Workshop and you are a Spinning Babies® enthusiast. Trademark and intellectual property laws does not allow you to call yourself or present yourself as a Spinning Babies® trainer, instructor, or teacher. Taking a workshop brings you into the Spinning Babies® Community. Let’s start there!

Our Approved Trainers are listed on our website. If someone implies they are a trainer or have been a trainer and are not on our website today, then they were never a trainer or had their status revoked.

We do support our community to have a high level of involvement with Spinning Babies. When you have taken our 4-day training, use the exact styling of the titles presented below.

If you have completed the Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner program, you may call yourself a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner and use the corresponding badge in your website and advertisements. After the first use of the full title, you may use Aware Practitioner later in the text/conversation.

If you have completed the Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator program, you may call yourself a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator and use the corresponding badge in your website and advertisements. After the first use of the full title, you may use Certified Parent Educator or Parent Educator later in the text/conversation.

I would like to recommend Spinning Babies® in my website or blog. How can I make sure to present the brand correctly?

Thank you for your continued interest! We strive to present a consistent brand image, so we ask that you write out the full words “Spinning Babies” and add the registered trademark logo to Spinning Babies® for the first use on any post, public document, or promotion. If possible, superscript the registered trademark logo, but we understand that some web editors do not allow you to do this. If you are sharing our website, please use this format:

I’m a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator. What can I call my class?

As a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator, your 3-hour class is called “Spinning Babies® Parent Class”. In a longer course or series in which you include the Spinning Babies® Parent Class module, use your business name and/or the name of your course as the title. In the description of the course say “including the Spinning Babies® Parent Class module”.

How can I include Spinning Babies® in my offerings, promotions, or advertisements?

Only Spinning Babies® Approved Trainers, Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioners, and Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators are allowed to advertise our arrangements in their services, such as Balance, Gravity, and Movement, The Three Sisters of Balance, or The Three Levels Solutions.

Our licensed community members have details of how they may use our brand in their contract agreements.

How can I include in my resume or CV a Spinning Babies® Workshop I attended?

You may say you took a workshop with Spinning Babies®. Note that taking a workshop is not equal to being trained in Spinning Babies® which implies a more formal and longer training program. Our workshops are introductory compared to training as an Approved Trainer. Many birth workers state the workshops they’ve taken and ours can be proudly listed in your curriculum vitae. Please use the official styling to refer to our workshops:

  • Spinning Babies® Workshop
  • 2-day Spinning Babies® Workshop
  • Spinning Babies® Integration Workshop
  • Breech Basics with Spinning Babies®
  • Resolving Shoulder Dystocia with Spinning Babies®
Daily Essentials
Daily Essentials can be practiced daily throughout pregnancy to help bring balance and comfort — and an easier, shorter birth.
Spinning Babies® Parent Class
Spinning Babies® Parent Class provides clear instructions on how to use Spinning Babies® for a more comfortable and confident pregnancy and labor.