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Does your doctor or midwife require baby to be head down before labor? Do they do cesarean birth for all breeches? Pregnant and hoping to avoid surgery? This eBook is for you.

Prepare for an easier childbirth with “Helping Your Breech Baby Turn”, a self-directed 6-day program for pregnant parents with a breech baby developed by a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).

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“My breech baby just turned head down!” 

Feeling relief and gratitude is possible. 

Does your doctor or midwife require baby to be head down before labor? Do they do cesarean birth for all breeches? Pregnant and hoping to avoid surgery? This eBook is for you.

Prepare for an easier childbirth with “Helping Your Breech Baby Turn”, a self-directed program for pregnant parents with a breech baby developed by a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). Here’s what you’ll find in this eBook to help “make room for baby” for a more ideal position for birth:

    • A 6-day program to use before birth or a manual attempt to turn baby
    • Easy-to-follow timeline of “what to do and when” to help baby move head down
    • Shortcuts when birth or the appointment to manually turn baby is soon
    • Activities to do by yourself and with a helper 
    • Links to our online resources for turning a breech baby


Download and conveniently take with you anywhere. Recommended for those who are 30 weeks pregnant or more with a breech baby.

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19 reviews for Helping Your Breech Baby Turn – eBook

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    After a month of being head-down, my baby was breech at 36 weeks. I downloaded this guide sitting in my OB’s waiting room and did “Day 1” that evening, intending to do the full six days. Sickness struck on day 2, preventing me from doing anything in this guide, and day 3 saw me back at my OB’s office, where we discovered baby had already turned head -down again! Spinning Babies helped my first baby flip after 36 weeks, as well. I highly recommend!

  2. Connie Machan (verified owner)

    As a doula, sent this to one of my clients who successfully turned her baby after a few days doing the protocol! Went to midwife the next day who confirmed baby girl was now head down. Her guess date is today and baby is settled in at -1 station! Thanks, SpinningBabies!!

  3. Genna M. (verified owner)

    So very helpful thank you!

  4. Nora K. (verified owner)

    Very helpful ebook

  5. Nicole

    This is my third baby and 3rd breech experience. I did all the techniques during my second pregnancy. While she didn’t turn naturally, we were able to have a successful ECV on the first try! This time, when my baby turned breech, I immediately started with the forward leaning inversions and breech tilts. This little baby turned head down within two weeks…no ECV required!!

  6. Sharon v.

    After my baby turned from vertex to breech at 38 weeks I knew I didn’t have much time left and would probably have an external cephalic version (ECV) or ultimately a C section if baby got to term without turning. I had been using the Spinning Babies daily essentials video before this discovery- my first baby was also breech but turned at 42 weeks by ECV, so I wanted to do my part to make this baby’s turn as unhindered as possible. After doing the 6-day program, another ultrasound at 39 weeks confirmed a transverse baby and version was scheduled for the following week. I continued doing exercises and inversions, but never felt anything drastic as far as a shift of my baby’s position. At the hospital, the doctor came in to do the procedure and upon checking her position to plan how to maneuver her, discovered she was vertex- head down! I’m so grateful for the part this program played in helping my breech baby turn and making my natural birth possible.

  7. Karen

    This is a great resource; well written and easy to understand.

  8. Carol

    Another success story! We purchased the ebook around 35 weeks, and baby was head-down and low in the pelvis by 37 weeks. I contacted the organization with questions, and Gail was so helpful. Thank you!

  9. Emma J.

    I’m very happy. My baby was breech at my 32 week ultrasound and the doctor told me there was nothing to do but wait. He was still breech at 34 weeks, so I went ahead and purchased the e-book. I completed the whole 6 day routine, and at my 35 week ultrasound he was in the right position. I couldn’t be more grateful for this book. Thank you thank you! The one thing that the book is missing that I would have enjoyed reading is more about the specific purpose of each move, as I felt a lot of the descriptions we’re rather vague. Either way he flipped and I do attribute it to the book.

  10. Andrea

  11. Jacinta Concha

    Muy buen libro y completo. Pero para gente no tan entendida en el tema, puede ser difícil de comprender.

  12. Rákosi Dóra

  13. Clare W.

    Really helped me to feel I was being proactive at a time of major stress. Although without a helper at home, I was able to do a couple of the positions myself safely enough, and decided to see an osteopath for help too after reading. End result being my baby turned back again within a week, just in time for an all important scan/decision making moment in the pregnancy, meaning no need for a scheduled c-section. Thank you! Rating 4 stars not 5 as would be helpful to include more solo Mum variations of the home exercises.

  14. Alisha C.

    This eBook is extremely helpful if you’ve got a breech baby. The explanations are well detailed and easy to follow. Doing the exercises along with visits to my chiropractor helped my baby turn by 37 weeks!

  15. Norma H.

    It’s an excellent pdf. Easy to follow and filled with great info!

  16. Joanne

    Helpful information & exercises to make room for baby

  17. Nanci Redecker

    As a Nurse-Midwife and SpBCPE, I introduce the breech eBook when a baby is found to be breech. Sharing with clients provides a visual picture of what she can do to be proactive in helping her baby turn head down. Seeing is easier than explaining especially for women who are visual learners. I like the fact the eBook is complete in the Spinning Babies approach. Explaining balancing before movement and gravity, the Three Sisters of Balance, and Belly Mapping. The information is concentrated displayed in an easy format along with the guides line that makes it easy for the pregnant mom to help her baby to turn. Both mom and baby are partners on this journey and this eBook provides the clear directions.

  18. Adriana Zammit

    Very well explained and easy to follow

  19. Katalin Vörös

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