Baby Positions

We believe birth is easier with fetal positioning. Baby’s head fits like a matching puzzle piece when slipping into the birthing pelvis.

belly mapping doll

Here’s how the puzzle works:  The head is longer front to back. The head engages (about 38-40 weeks or in labor) best when the long direction of the head matches the widest angle of the pelvis. Therefore, the direction the baby’s head faces matters.

Another point that is important in fetal position is chin tucking (flexion).

Baby’s head seems smaller when the chin tucks close to the chest. The head can seem bigger when the chin is up in extension. Some babies whose heads are extended may not fit the pelvis because the chin is away from baby’s chest, The baby’s spine is less agile for wiggling through the pelvis with contractions and the head might get lodged between the bones. We offer a plan for pregnancy to help a posterior baby be able to turn!

Head position is half the story. The other half is the state of the pelvic anatomy, not just the bones but the muscles and more soft tissues. Enhance the in with our Three Principles of Balance, Gravity, and MovementSM.

Baby Positions:



Breech (head up)

Left Occiput Anterior

Right Occiput Anterior

Left Occiput Transverse

Right Occiput Transverse

Left Occiput Posterior

Right Occiput Posterior

Transverse Lie (sideways)

Oblique (diagonal)

Asynclitic (tipped)

Face Presentation (face first)


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