Left Occiput Transverse (LOT)


Left Occiput Transverse is an ideal starting position for labor.

  • Baby’s back is on your left and may swing forward temporarily.
  • Baby’s bottom is in your upper left unless the uterus leans towards the right.
  • The feet are clearly in your upper right.
  • Feet may sometimes go across the top or be felt as low as the navel – but still far to the right.
  • Hands may wiggle on your lower right only occasionally, if at all.
  • The lower left half of your belly is quiet (except for occasional hiccoughs).

LOT Engagement

  • Baby’s head engages shortly before the due date with first-time pregnancies.
  • Engagement may or may not happen before labor with experienced mothers.
  • Contractions will work to engage baby in labor.
  • The head may feel low, making pressure twinges on your cervix and upper thigh.
  • Your provider can easily hear the heartbeat left and center.
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