Left Occiput Transverse (LOT)


Left Occiput Transverse is an ideal starting position for labor.

  • Baby’s back is on your left
  • Baby’s back may swing forward temporarily and back to the left
  • The baby’s bottom could be on your upper left until baby is large enough for the spine to reach up and curl to the right. Either way, the kicks are to the right
  • The feet are clearly in your upper right.
  • Feet may sometimes go across the top or be felt as low as the navel – but still far to the right
  • Hands may be felt wiggling or fluttering on your lower right a couple times a day and only when you are still, not walking, if at all. (late third trimester)
  • The lower left half of your belly is quiet (except for occasional hiccoughs)

LOT Engagement

  • Baby’s head engages shortly before the due date with most first-time pregnancies
  • Engagement may or may not happen before labor with some first and most experienced mothers
  • Contractions are typically effective to engage baby in labor
  • The head may feel low, making pressure twinges on your cervix and upper thigh
  • Your provider can easily hear the heartbeat left and center

Attention: Most babies who are LOT in the third trimester but a very few may shift to the right side in the last couple of weeks. Explore body balancing to give baby room to swing to the left. Contractions will help as long as the muscles are supple and the pelvis is aligned (barring misalignment of the pelvis which a Chiropractor or Osteopath would address.)

Belly Mapping® tip: The left side of the abdomen is firmer, and baby kicks to the right side. The baby’s hand may be felt 1-2 times a day on the lower right but the feet kick to the right side several times a day. On ultrasound, baby’s shoulder is also on the left side of the center, the linea nigra.

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