Can a pelvis be too small to have a baby?

In rare cases. But most of the time, a poorly chosen birth position makes the pelvis seem too small by closing the angle of the openings.

The pelvis can be made a little bigger or smaller by positions of the thigh bones and back bone.

Choose a position that makes the pelvis larger in the area of the pelvis where baby is moving through during birth. Hey, that’s a “smarter” birth position! You can even Rest SmartSM in labor/labour. Find a birth position that opens the bones where baby is passing by and rest in a position that allows you to easily get into the birth position during the length of the contractions, then rest more passively during the pause between contractions.

Small but significant changes in position are likely to let baby between the bones with more ease.

Open the pelvis where baby is!


Contractions first rotate baby into the pelvis. To help a baby at the top of the pelvis to turn and enter the pelvis, try flattening the lower back during a contraction. See a list of things to do and why to do them at

In our Spinning Babies® Parent Class (Online Guided or In person) our Certified Parent Educators teach pregnant parents how to open the top of the pelvis to help baby engage and how to change positions to make more room in the bottom of the pelvis for pushing. The body is amazing and is waiting for birthing parents and the professionals who help them to understand when and why to try a particular birth position.



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