Benefits of the Side-lying Release in pregnancy and labor

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2022-07-29 |
Preparing for Birth,

The physical technique that has brought hope around the world for childbirth is the Side-lying Release. This technique comes from Dr. Carol Phillips, a Chiropractor who developed amazing techniques out of the cranial sacral traditions and observed events in childbirth. Both Side-lying Release and the Forward-leaning Inversion stem from serendipitous moments in women’s births. Now, these and other techniques have become a part of bodywork for Aware Practitioners and Dynamic Body Balancing Practitioners. Spinning Babies® has helped spread these techniques by helping birth professionals understand when to use these techniques in labor to address common stalls in labor or reduce pain as part of regular patient care during pregnancy and birth.

The Side-lying release

  • Increases pelvic mobility
  • Releases muscle spasms making it easier to sleep in pregnancy and experience less sharp contractions in labor 
  • Eases pain in pregnancy and birth
  • Makes room for the baby to turn into a better position
  • Creates longer, softer pelvic floor muscles for the baby to move through during birth
  • Can be repeated every 4-6 hours as the benefits are temporary 

Both the Side-lying release and Forward-leaning inversion expand the internal room for the baby by temporarily increasing the communication between muscles and the brain through the nerves, untwisting or releasing tension in the connective tissue around the joints in the back of the pelvis, and aligning the uterus with the pelvis so baby can sometimes slip right out.  

When in labor get a helper (nurse, midwife, partner, friend) to help you do the Side-lying Release, before assuming baby is too big, labor is taking too long, or the pain is too tough to handle. Be sure to have the helper align the hips precisely perpendicular to the bed or massage table. When doing the Side-lying Release in labor we hold the hip for up to three contractions on one side and repeat 3 contractions on the other. You can observe a video here {link to movie in folder for July} from Emma showing how to help the birthing person’s partner align the hip. Once the Side-lying Release technique is complete, rest on your side and ask them to Jiggle your glutes for 3-5 minutes. 

More information can be found on our website about The Side-lying Release and Forward-leaning Inversion.

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