Monthly Update: NEW Breech Basics Online Course, deep transverse arrest tips, upcoming events, and more!

By: Gail Tully |
July 8, 2020 |
Monthly Update,
side-lying release

In this month’s update:

  • Tips for what to do for a deep transverse arrest
  • Announcing our new online course: Breech Basics
  • Inspiring Helping Your Breech Baby Turn eBook testimonials
  • Upcoming events including our World Confluence—attend via Livestream!


A Note from Gail Tully

Dear Community,
I’m so proud of you for upholding the physiology of the human spirit in this time of social change. The protests have given us a clear look at what holds us back from a healthy humanity. We are being confronted with rigidity in the structure of our human social systems this year.  The opposite of rigidity might be looseness (in social terms anarchy) but the balance is suppleness, health. In suppleness, all needs are valid and supported. Inviting Change is like inviting the achey, or protesting, body to overcome rigidity and become more supple.
Spinning Babies® is focused on the physiology of birth anatomy. We empower parents to access their own physiology in birth. Our education is not only on physical techniques but also on how providers (including myself and our Approved Trainers) bring forward a paradigm of Physiology Before Force℠.
Body Balance is helping overcome the tensions or torsions in our body so they are not too tight, not too loose, and, oh yes! – not too twisty! And change can get twisty!
Spinning Babies® is exploring how we can invite movement towards more equity. We begin with our own team. Simple things like taking  – steps to honor our equity advisor, the late Claudia Booker, CPM in an ongoing manner that will benefit the community. We’re meeting about representation and support by and for Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) in our curriculum, presentations, and internal structure of our organization. This is not new to Spinning Babies® but our efforts are refreshed with momentum. The unity expressed by our core staff lifts my heart and moves us forward.
Will you join us in our first virtual conference? We’ve just begun registration and already the response is amazing. Our Minneapolis speakers continue with creating more equity while sharing the whys and what happens with Spinning Babies®. We explore informed consent in breech birth and general care at our in-person Australian gathering at the Caloundra Event Centre on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Each person attending the in-person or virtual conference will get access to the recorded conference for 30 days. Watch our Facebook LIVEs (and recordings) to meet the speakers!
I’m so curious as to who is in our committed community. Who is setting their birth and bodywork practices towards Physiology Before Force℠ with us?  Is it you? Let me know with your registration. We are working to get you continuing education points, digital goody bags, and interactive participation through three days of live streaming and pre-recorded content that fills 56 hours of unprecedented physiological birth wisdom. Every registrant helps our work continue.
Watch for the ongoing conversation LIVE on Facebook each week from now to October. The Spinning Babies® team is truly dedicated to bringing you an excellent conference experience!
We’re dilating. Change is easier when we let go of the mental story we assume and listen to the signals in our bodies. We ask, what is the need? And when we look at society and birth practices, what will help the whole system be more physiological and healthy? Join us. We’re Changing Birth on a Changing Earth℠!

What to Do for a Deep Transverse Arrest

Did you ever refer Spinning Babies® to a pregnant parent with a breech baby? Helping baby flip head down is our number one service request. Helping a transverse baby get head down is second.
Spinning Babies® also gives away tips for long labors, back pain, oblique lie, posterior presentations, and more.
Our Founder Gail Tully was at a business event with 2,000 people and turned to speak with a young man next to her. It turns out his wife used Spinning Babies® every day in pregnancy and began her labor with ease. It was frustrating to hear that her baby got caught in a deep transverse arrest and waited 30 hours until she had a (then) necessary cesarean. Oh, dear.
Let’s not just give more time. This 30-hour stall was so long because no one there knew what else to do besides wait until there were signs of exhaustion in the baby or mom. They may not have even known baby was in this particular type of stall – a Deep Transverse Arrest. Let’s begin to observe where baby is…

Learn the signs of Deep Transverse Arrest

1. Head is well engaged
2. Head is in the transverse diameter
3. Head is approximately 0 Station in the pelvis (halfway through)
Make the change when it’s found. Time is not going to help!
Do you know what to do for a deep transverse arrest? When we know where in the pelvis baby waits, and we know which way baby faces, then we are clued-in to what to do.

Spinning Babies® Protocol for a Deep Transverse Arrest

Sidelying Release
side-lying release
Lunge to the side like a fencer through 3 contractions on each side
And if that still doesn’t work, which it almost always does, then Open-knee chest position and Shake the Apple Tree for and between 3 contractions. The baby could be born at any point in the protocol. If not, well, there is a time for manual rotation of the baby’s head by a skilled provider. The baby will have to be backed up slightly and the chin tucked for easier manual rotation.
Cesareans for deep transverse arrest could be reduced dramatically simply by using this Spinning Babies® protocol. For the individual, one less cesarean potentially improves the quality of life, the course of postpartum improves baby’s iron levels from delayed cord clamping, and may improve bonding by having more immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth if a cesarean can be safely avoided.
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NEW Online Course: Breech Basics

We have just released a brand new online course for providers and birth workers called Breech Basics. Created by Spinning Babies® Creator and Midwife Gail Tully, Breech Basics offers a unique perspective “resting on the shoulders of giants.” This course shows you how to use Spinning Babies® insights on pelvic diameters to free a stuck breech. Gail shows birth videos, narrates slides, video clips, case studies, and stories. American College of Nurse-Midwives has approved this course for 3 CEs. Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council have granted this course 3 CEs. Get the course today!
Breech Basics Online Course

Helping Your Breech Baby Turn eBook Testimonials

“I would love to give new mums the confidence to try the exercises because they really work. I’m blown away really and so is my midwife. I nearly hugged the sonographer but remembered to social distance and baby still head down which is awesome.” -Barbara
“As a Nurse-Midwife and SpBCPE, I introduce the breech eBook when a baby is found to be breech. Sharing with clients provides a visual picture of what she can do to be proactive in helping her baby turn head down. Seeing is easier than explaining especially for women who are visual learners. I like the fact the eBook is complete in the Spinning Babies® approach. Explaining balancing before movement and gravity, the Three Sisters of Balance℠, and Belly Mapping®️. The information is concentrated displayed in an easy format along with the guides line that makes it easy for the pregnant mom to help her baby to turn. Both mom and baby are partners on this journey and this eBook provides the clear directions.” – Nanci
Prepare for an easier childbirth with the Helping Your Breech Baby Turn eBook, a self-directed 6-day program for pregnant parents with a breech baby developed by a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).
helping breech baby turn

2020 World Confluence

Attend the Spinning Babies® 2020 World Confluence LIVE from the comfort of home. Log in to our easy to use virtual event platform, view on-demand presentations, participate in audience Q&A with our presenters, network with attendees, and view the recordings for 30 days after the conference. The virtual conference contains all 24 hours of the conference and pre-conference in Caloundra, Australia plus 32 additional hours of content from Gail Tully and the Spinning Babies® Approved Trainers.
Spinning Babies® is in the process of applying for up to 30 hours of continuing education credits for Confluence 2020 online courses. Registrants will receive more specific details once the approval process is completed. Spinning Babies® has a history of being an approved provider of continuing education credits. Register today!

Spinning Babies® 2020 World Confluence Attend Online


Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator Training

If you’ve completed a Spinning Babies® Workshop and are a childbirth educator or teach prenatal education to parents, join us for a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator Training! Give yourself an advantage with your childbirth education offerings by taking our four-day exclusive training. Deepen your understanding of Spinning Babies® and learn how to pass this information to your students. Here’s what a participant said after becoming certified:

“Why do I love teaching Spinning Babies® Parent Classes so much?! Because it works! The stories I hear or have the opportunity to witness – successful VBACs, challenging births helped along by Spinning Babies techniques, more comfortable pregnancies through Daily Essential practice… It’s exciting! I love sharing it and want all expecting parents to have these tools!”

We invite you to join us for one of our upcoming trainings:

Certified Parent Educator Sylvia Muda Koenis



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