Optimal Fetal Positioning Gaining Popularity

By: Gail Tully |
2010-09-06 |
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birth is in bloom.: on optimal fetal positioning.: “A woman I work with asked me yesterday what I know about fetal positioning. She is 38 weeks pregnant. I palpated her belly, but had to admit…”

More doulas and midwives are posting more on optimal fetal positioning
And mothers, too! Here’s one after my own heart!

Connecting In Utero without a Sonogram

“What if you knew the exact position of your child? What if every movement from the first quickening until delivery day, you bonded with your child and began to understand their personality? What if just by being aware of the baby’s position you you were prepared for the unexpected?….

“…there is a midwife in Minnesota, who has reconnected with this science and calls it Belly Mapping. She can help women know the exact position of their baby thus connecting them and empowering them for welcoming the baby into the world. Once the exact position is known, she can recommend exercises and activities for proper alignment.” https://livinginharmonymotherhood.blogspot.com/

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