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This 20-page guide is illustrated with drawings and photographs. Normal and complicated breech birth is described in ways designed to remind the well trained doctor or midwife. This is not a do-it-yourself guide! Only the most common issues of rotation and descent – or lack of rotation and descent – are described.

Physiologic breech birth in hands and knees maternal position is discussed.

Breech Birth; Quick Guide includes sections on; prenatal breech timeline, identifying breech fetal position, maternal exercises to make room in the uterus to allow a baby to turn head down, normal frank breech birth, when and how to be hands-on or hands-off, comparing normal & stuck breech birth, pelvic level insights, lateral flexion of baby’s spine, inlet issues, how arms get stuck, freeing the arms, unusual arm variations, head on the brim, & freeing the head, midpelvis issues, outlet issues and more!

From a midwife:

I just ordered the Breech Birth; Quick Guide! …Thank you also for not only your quick reply but your grace for those questions. I have been getting snippets of information [about breech upright birth] along the way the last couple of years, including hearing about Dr. Louwen. …I feel grateful for that and my original training, but knowing I’m missing some things or it’s incomplete. Part of my concern is just not recognizing when a baby was in trouble or misinterpreting the situation and intervening when I shouldn’t and potentially causing a problem.


The midwife in the quote above gives her honest reflection on the lack of complete education on breech birth.


What can we know that might save a life?


This step-by-step guide will expand your awareness and skills in breech birth. – Gail Tully



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    • Punch a hole in the upper left corners and use a key ring for a handy reference.




Praise for the Product:

“This is the best practical information published about breech birth.” – Nicole Morales, CPM




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Breech Birth; Quick Guide includes breech birth in hands and knees maternal position. Learn when and how to be hands-on or hands-off, compare normal & stuck breech birth, gain pelvic level insights, and more! Please see the following medical research article to further understand upright breech: Louwen, F., Daviss, B. A., Johnson, K. C., & Reitter, A. (2017). Does breech delivery in an upright position instead of on the back improve outcomes and avoid cesareans?. International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics, 136(2), 151-161.

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  1. Andrea

  2. María José Silva

    The information I receive through the mail is very interesting and very enriching. I have learned many techniques that have helped me as a midwife trainee. That’s why I bought the breech birth quick guide to have the information nearby. I am learning and find more and more help in certain special situations. I am very grateful to SpinningBabies for their work and great contribution. I hope one day to be able to do the workshop and get certified. I wish you could come to my country Ecuador.

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