Breech Birth Quick Guide


20-page guide with drawings and photographs. For the well-trained doctor or midwife.

Breech Birth; Quick Guide includes breech birth in hands and knees maternal position. Learn when and how to be hands-on or hands-off, compare normal & stuck breech birth, gain pelvic level insights, and more! Please see the following medical research article to further understand upright breech: Louwen, F., Daviss, B. A., Johnson, K. C., & Reitter, A. (2017). Does breech delivery in an upright position instead of on the back improve outcomes and avoid cesareans?. International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics, 136(2), 151-161.

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Available now via digital download!

From a midwife:

“I have been getting snippets of information [about breech upright birth] along the way the last couple of years, including hearing about Dr. Louwen. …I feel grateful for that and my original training, but knowing I’m missing some things or it’s incomplete.

“Part of my concern is just not recognizing when a baby was in trouble or misinterpreting the situation and intervening when I shouldn’t and potentially causing a problem.”


This honest disclosure reflects a common concern for all providers. What knowledge must we know to save a life? Expand your awareness and skills in breech birth with this little booklet.


See why midwifery teacher Nicole Morales, CPM, says this is the most complete written source for “how-to”  assist an upright breech birth.


Midwife V. Krishnan in Hyderabad, India writes after a recent breech birth, “I feel that your wisdom gently guides me all the time. I “feel” and “see” things differently with the Spinning Babies paradigm.  For that, I am forever grateful.  Thank you. Love u.”

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