Three Balances Visit Plan & Timeline for Your Clients

By: Gail Tully |
2021-06-28 |
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Do you feel confident in how you encourage a birthing person to try Spinning Babies® approach in their birth?
How do you choose what to say to support physiological prenatal preparation?
To help your clients know how to use Spinning Babies® Three Balances we offer providers a visit plan.
Spinning Babies® is interested in helping you help your parents and clients. See the Timeline below to guide your clients in using the recommended techniques regularly.

Spinning Babies® Three BalancesSM Visit Plan

Visual learner? Check out the Parent Class video. You’ll learn hands-on techniques – scroll down for info.

Visit A – The Jiggle

The Jiggle uses various hand positions around the thighs and hips, buttocks and sitz bones to relax muscles by rippling the fluid-like substance in the fascia. This amazingly simple and amazingly relaxing technique comes to Spinning Babies® through Fiona Hallinan (shown) and her teaching partner, Jenny Blyth, both Spinning Babies® Approved Trainers.

the thigh jiggle

The Thigh Jiggle

At Visit “A”, which can be after intake is complete, at approximately 18-22 weeks. You teach the birthing person and their birth partner how to do The Jiggle in a relaxed environment (or mood!). This helps activate the parasympathetics which are associated with “rest and digest” -a very supportive state for pregnancy!

Some of our Spinning Babies® community of Aware Practitioners and Parent Educators may be also traditional healers, midwives, or practitioners from Mexico, Central America or parts of South American heritage with a lineage of Rebozo Manteada use. We recognize the important conversations around use of traditional techniques and describe the changes and limits of our use of the Rebozo on our webpage about the Rebozo.

Visit B – Side-lying Release

At Visit “B” introduce the Side-lying Release, and review The Jiggle.

Visit C – Forward-leaning Inversion

At Visit “C”, teach the birthing person and birth partner how to do Forward-leaning Inversions. Please also review the Side-lying Release.

gail and pregnant model demonstrationg forward leaning inversion

The helper keeps a hand on the person as they come up to a high kneeling position after the forward-leaning inversion.

Spinning Babies® Recommended Timeline

When and what for your client visits.
✔ 20 weeks, pregnant person begins Daily Essentials in earnest, daily!
✔ 30 weeks, note baby’s lie. If not head down, recommend self-care protocol
✔ 34 weeks, note baby’s presentation, if not LOT, LOA, or OA (baby is more likely to be in an OA position in very late labor but a few start that way), recommend bodywork.
✔ 36 weeks, for babies still breech, determine with pregnant person if External Cephalic Version (ECV) is appropriate for them.
✔ 38 – 40 weeks, note whether baby’s forehead overlaps pubic bone. Encourage alignment of pelvis (using a trained professional and self-care).
✔ 41 weeks, repeat body work

Spinning Babies® Parent Class

This video is the perfect place to start with Spinning Babies® – or an excellent way to refresh what you learned in a Spinning Babies® Workshop! The only thing that could be better is a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator to work with you personally.
Spinning Babies® Parent Class shows you what to do for an easier birth with practical and detailed preparation to help baby in the best position to fit the pelvis and solutions when labor seems long, painful, or has a stall! And, if parents practice daily, an easier labor and birth are likely.
Mixing midwifery values with modern body balancing, Gail’s optimistic handling of fetal position challenges in pregnancy and labor show you how to add pregnancy comfort, labor ease and avoid cesarean surgery. Start sooner than later!

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