Summer Yum, Good Eating in Pregnancy

By: Gail Tully |
2015-06-30 |

Supporting your body to support your pregnancy involves nutrition, movement, and love. You can mix the order up how ever you like! (In this order, sooth your hunger, add balance and flexibility for your pregnancy comfort or ease of birth, and enjoy a cuddle.) has lots of movement and balance ideas. I’m hoping your friends and family are giving you the love reflecting the love you are giving them. So, that leaves us with nutrition. Again. 

Structure of support
Pregnant women need extra support for their own teeth, skin and vital organs.  And the baby inside is growing brain, bones and well, everything. What you eat each day is worth the added effort to make it a good choice.

Hormone health
The Nourished Kitchen blog gives an awesome solution to bone broth every day. The gelatin from the marrow helps regulate our hormones and make strong brains and bodies (not different, you realize).

Fancy Fats and Omega 3s
Nordic Naturals is my favorite cod liver oil brand. Why? Its made well and it actually tastes pleasant! I love the orange flavored cod liver oil on my salad or on cooked quinoa.

Black walnuts, avocados and coconut oil. Yum. Having healthy fats helps build smart brains for mother and baby. Butter up, a dab of real butter is really better than margarine. If you drink milk, please choose whole milk and make it organic. Don’t choose low-fat dairy products for pregnancy. Better to drink less and choose a better quality!

A 2010 study found Probiotic use in pregnancy somewhat reduced gestational diabetes and large baby size. That’s great news for women hoping to avoid a second posterior baby as more of the large babies remain posterior to the time of delivery (Rotation is more challenging the bigger you are!).  Mixed strains of probiotics have been proven for pregnancy intestinal comfort and reduction of constipation.

Colon health is often considered the root of health and it may be due the digestive tract being the home of most of our bacteria. Fermented foods and drinks are getting popular as we gain compassion for our body-buddies or gut-mates. 

I’m looking forward to Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford’s new film, A Probiotic Life. Willow, Toni and Alex’s 7-year old daughter, is enthralling in the fundraiser, winning the trailer a worthwhile surf by itself.

Oceans of plenty
Drink plenty of water. Avoid plastic bottles if you can help it. Let your tap water sit out so the chlorine can evaporate (about 20 minutes) or filter your water if you can. But its more important to drink 3 quarts of water and non-caffeinated fluids a day than avoid drinking water… in most locations. Milk is a solid (it turns to cheese inside you) and fruit juice is just too much sugar, even though from fruit, to drink it daily in pregnancy.

Ok, that’s fresh water, where’s the ocean? Its in eating salt-to-taste. And don’t skip the iodized salt unless you get a good replacement and eat your kelp. Kelp is delicious with butter over popcorn. (I drool remembering the days before I found out corn makes me grumpy (to put it mildly). If you don’t crave salt and don’t use it in cooking, I suggest you add salt to your diet in pregnancy. You may find it helps swelling go down. Just don’t dive into potato chips and fries, that’s not what I’m saying.

An increase of 50% of the recommended amount of iodine is considered protective of the developing fetus. Talk to your pregnancy care provider about how to supplement. Self supplementation is tricky and can be dangerous. Keep it food based unless you talk to your provider. Look for a seaweed snack that doesn’t have added sugar or MSG. Korean groceries have a tasty and inexpensive selection, or find a foodie version at your coop, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s grocery. Grab some Kim Chi while you are there!

Eat close to the tree

And vine, and root. And eat with good company. There’s oxytocin in sharing a meal.

This article is a little taste of good eating for pregnancy: 

  • 4-6 protein servings in a day
  • 5 or 6 for veggies,
  • 1 yellow fruit  or veggie
  • 1 apple or small bowl of berries
  • 1-2 cups of whole grains
  • 3 quarts of water and
  • Salt-to-taste.

A prenatal, food-based, vitamin and mineral supplement is worthy. Check for calcium to reach at least 1,000 mg. Our soil isn’t what it used to be, so don’t feel that a supplement is over doing it. Avoid chemicals and drugs, and scary stories. And that’s enough hovering over you for one blog post! 

Hug your belly and know you are adored here at Spinning Babies. You bring the light of the future. Feed yourself well.

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