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This product now provides subtitles in English, Française & Español!

Gail Tully, midwife, and Sarah Longacre, international prenatal yoga instructor and birth doula, offer a unique instructional video for comfort in pregnancy now, and in your upcoming birth. These daily activities begin balancing your pregnant body to make space for baby’s best birth position. You’ll get:

    • Daily Activities, a gentle 35-minute stretch routine
    • Move Smart – tips for walking, standing, getting in and out of the car without sparking sciatica, and more!
    • Rest Smart℠ – because Gravity works 24/7. Play the flashlight game. Why how you sit matters.
    • Forward-leaning Inversion demo
    • Sarah Longacre’s 28-minute Blooma Yoga Flow

Enjoy this amazing video — it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen! 79 minutes.

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64 reviews for Daily Essentials Video Digital Download

  1. Manuela

  2. Anonymous

    The stretches and exercises presented on this video have made me feel much more balanced in my third trimester than I felt with my first pregnancy, and confident about giving birth.

  3. Jordan R.

    I started the Daily Essentials video around 20 weeks pregnant and I’m so glad I did. Now at 26 weeks I’m starting to have some back pain, but the essentials I learned and the yoga flow I’ve now memorized are helping me cope with the changes in my body. I’m so thankful for this video – an excellent resource for mothers-to-be!

  4. Kaitlin McCarthy

    I was pretty disappointed with this video. First of all, it seems like a pretty basic pre-natal yoga class, which is fine, but I had somehow expected from your website I was getting something that was more from a PT perspective. But beyond that there are lots of very annoying aspects to the way the video is put together that shows a lack of forethought for usability. For something you are supposed to do daily, it’s pretty annoying that the “class” aspect doesn’t start until a few minutes into the video, so you have to scroll through to find the start everyday. Also, the way the class is lead makes it hard to follow along with. Like the video will just cut to the teacher having a prop, so then I have to pause the video and get my prop and restart the video when I have it to keep up. Also there are times when the teacher demonstrates full sets of somethings and other times when she doesn’t, etc. My final complaint is that (and while some people probably like this) the video had a lot of sappy flowery mommy language that I’m so exhausted of. I don’t want to feel my motherhood blossoming inside of me or any of that. That’s not part of my daily “essentials.”

  5. Jessica O.

    This has been so helpful for me, during this time of covid19. I usually practice yoga 4 days a week, before and during my pregnancy. This has been a fabulous substitute since not being able to leave the house while 35 weeks pregnant. I’m going for a VBAC and hoping Spinning Babies will help facilitate that happening!

  6. Hannah

    This video has been so helpful. I really love the yoga flow sequence at the end. Because of the pandemic going on right now, no in person prenatal yoga classes are being offered, so this video has been a huge help!

  7. Elle A.

    I’m so glad I found these daily essential exercises to do during my pregnancy. After doing this daily routine for a couple of weeks now, I can definitely say my body feels a lot less achy and a lot more balanced and healthy. Thank you so much.

  8. katerina santamouri

    I’m pregnant and during Coronavirus it was my chance to try my best for my labor.

  9. Verna

  10. Maxine

    Great video & helpful exercises

  11. Fiona

    Fabulously put together!!
    I would however love to see a document or booklet to accompany this wonderful course/class, as it is deep in its content and much to remember – and not always able to access internet/computer to play it each time one does the exercises.
    The voice over with instructions is really beneficial too!
    I’ve found the exercises most helpful ?

  12. Fiona

    Fabulously put together!!
    I would however love to see a document or booklet to accompany this wonderful course/class, as it is deep in its content and much to remember – and not always able to access internet/computer to play it each time one does the exercises.
    The voice over with instructions is really beneficial too!
    I’ve found the exercises most helpful ?

  13. Renee

    I downloaded this video (and the Parent Class video) at 34 weeks when my baby was breech. After 2 weeks of doing the daily essential exercises, walking nearly 6km a day, and along with the Breech position (ironing board) exercise, my baby spun and got into the optimal birthing position. This was confirmed at my 36-week Malpresentation scan. I was elated!

    At first, hearing my baby was breech was disappointing news – however, Gail’s wisdom and advice brought me closer to my pregnancy experience and made it more 3-dimensional as I began to understand the relationship between Balancing my body, consciously working with Gravity for the baby to spin, whilst Moving, to help the baby get in the optimal birthing position. I became more educated and took greater control of my pregnancy, which has been (and still is) an empowering experience.

    If your baby is breech, transverse, or if you want to relieve your back pain and prepare for a better birth, I highly recommend investing in this video, as well as the Parent Class video.. now to rewatch and rewatch the Parent Class video to work with baby to engage in my pelvis and prepare for labour (which I’m looking forward to!).

  14. Anonymous

    I love this it has amazing yoga activities and tips on pregnancy/delivery comfort! I am excited for delivery and feel very amazing at 38 weeks, I feel this has done wonders for my pregnancy comfort!

  15. Tammy Hocking

  16. Beverly B.

    I am planning my first all natural childbirth, and i feel like the daily essentials are critical to achieving what i want. After 4 sunny side up deliveries, i am trying everything i can to get this baby in the most optimal position! I am especially happy with my purchase since i found out my daughter is breech. I hope these exercises encourage her to turn!

  17. Ellen

    I do this routine in the evenings before bed, to spend time focusing on my body and my baby. It feels empowering, intimate, and like I’m doing something that will help my labor and delivery. Thank you, Spinning Babies!

  18. Anonymous

    I think these techniques could be helpful in learning to relax.

  19. Michelle Walton

    Clear and easy to follow for any expectant Mom. I love Gail’s work

  20. Lauren

    Money well spent! Having a guided movement practice that I feel comfortable is good for me in pregnancy has been very beneficial

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