I was put on bed rest. Now what?

Sometimes a physician or midwife will suggest that a pregnant woman be on bed rest. Fetal positioning then becomes a concern for women aware of the effects of gravity.

When choosing which side to rest on, prefer your left side over your right. Studies have shown that this further protects the wellbeing of the baby. Also, try to avoid sleeping on your back after the first few months in pregnancy, even if it seems more comfortable.

Daily activities for women on bed rest

Some of our signature Spinning Babies® Daily Activities can be adapted to do while on bed rest.


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Daily Essentials
Daily Essentials can be practiced daily throughout pregnancy to help bring balance and comfort — and an easier, shorter birth.
Spinning Babies® Parent Class
Spinning Babies® Parent Class provides clear instructions on how to use Spinning Babies® for a more comfortable and confident pregnancy and labor.

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