Emma Moreland

Emma Moreland, Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer

Emma Moreland (she/her) is an intuitive bodyworker and homebirth midwife (CPM) based out of San Diego, CA. She is a mother of five, wife, daughter, and granddaughter.

After discovering Spinning Babies® during the birth of her fifth child, she set out to gain a deeper understanding of birth physiology while also hoping to fill the gap of representation in her midwifery community. Emma began apprenticing with local Spinning Babies® Approved Trainer and midwife Nicole Morales with whom she cultivated the skills of ceremonious birth, parent-led birth positioning, solution-focused and parent-child focused care, and informed, as well as embodied, consent. As an apprentice, Emma began assisting Nicole at the majority of her Spinning Babies® Workshops while also integrating bodywork with their clients to help ease discomfort in their pregnancies.

For Emma, Spinning Babies® and the art of midwifery go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to the reclamation of palpation and touch relationships between families and their care providers. As a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner Instructor and Spinning Babies® World Confluence speaker, Emma has committed herself to the education about and implementation of embodied consent in birth and body workers, as well as clients. Emma Moreland will also be attending and training to become a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator Instructor for our 4-day training of childbirth educators in the Spinning Babies® approach.

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