Lorenza Holt

Lorenza Holt is a founder of Accompany Doula in Massachusetts. A former Executive Director of Boston Association For Childbirth Education (BACE-NMC) and the Nursing Mothers’ Council, Lorenza is active in the public health activism for doula care and community health workers in Massachusetts.
Lorenza is the winner of the 2010 Womens’ Health Hero by Our Bodies Our Selves’ Collective in Boston. Lorenza lives in Newton, MA with her husband, Jim.

Lorenza entered the birth world as a homebirth VBAC Mother (a previous cesarean was due to placenta previa). Lorenza is surprised how little birth workers focus on the baby’s rotation. Lorenza’s work with Spinning Babies® will help birth workers understand the baby’s passage through the pelvis and support mothers’ ease of labor with fetal positioning. She says, “my passion is strengthening the workforce of maternal and child health community health workers.”

“Spinning Babies® gives us an optimal understanding of how we can promote an optimal passage through the pelvis.” – Lorenza

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