Maíra Libertad

Maíra Libertad, CNM, MSc, PhD, is an experienced homebirth midwife in Brazil. She started her homebirth practice in Rio de Janeiro in 2011, after almost ten years working as a hospital-based nurse and nurse midwife, and is now living and attending births in a small town nearby São Paulo. She has been a doula trainer and an instructor for midwives, nurses, family physicians and OBGYNs since 2013 in topics as birth physiology, birth politics, evidence-based respectful care, obstetric emergencies, and neonatal resuscitation. She has special interest in undisturbed birth, breech births and postpartum perineal care. Before becoming a midwife, she was also a trained doula for 2 years (2001-2002).

Maíra is also a teacher and a researcher at a State University in São Paulo, offering lectures and preceptorship for Nursing and Midwifery students and also conducting research about birth-related topics. Since 2014, Maíra is a speaker and also the head of the Scientific Committee of SIAPARTO, an international symposium held in Brazil twice a year focused on physiological birth and non-invasive care.

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